Saturday, November 3, 2012


Judy's ashes are ready to pick up from the vet's office. Is it bad I have a curiosity of wondering what type of container handles such contents? I visited my girlfriend for a quick minute today and stole a peak at their puppies who are only about a month old. Lab and boxer mix and oh my goodness are they the most adorable little creatures. Then I got all choked up because that's about the size Ju-Ju Girl was when I adopted her.

This weekend our base was busy helping linemen get to the East Cost to help the folks on Long Island get their power back So, I was too busy to dwell on the thought of getting a puppy. Now in the still of my thoughts I wonder how much crazier things would be around here.

Edward told us on the way home from putting Judy down that if I never had adopted her that we all wouldn't be hurting so much right now. I'm not sure how I feel about introducing him to a pet he's going to love dearly then mourn even harder come about his 18th birthday.

Needless to say I've worked through the vet hours the last two days. I may just wait until JG gets home mid week before I muster the courage. For three days I had tears, but I didn't cry. Until JG held me and told me he was so sorry about Judy. Then I lost it. Sometimes it takes a kind word to let down your shield. I'm okay with it if JG is my armor.

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