Saturday, June 12, 2010

Compiled at Combat Airman Skills Training, Fort Dix, N.J.

I've just finished day five of 'CAST.' We don't have internet connection in our dorm and this is the first time I've made it to the library to upload the bits of blogs I've done since I left home Monday. Enjoy.

Monday, June 7

I'm at my layover in Minneapolis-St.Paul. I "refuse" to pay for internet. The laptop is new and i can't find "word" so I'm testing out this sticky note program. Wondering how many characters I can type before it locks up. I don't like this scripty font. I get that they want to make it like a 'real' sticky note, but come on. Just figured out you have to launch a program called "microsoft works task launcher" in order to access microsoft word. I had breakfast for lunch here at the airport. Don't even remember the name of the restaurant, but do know that it's sit down. For only a buck or two more than 'fast' food here you don't have to worry about getting your own refills, you have a dedicated table and you can settle your belongings so there's no awkwardness while trying to pay, hold your food and maneuver around people. Well, the sticky note program doesn't not seem to have a character count cap and I've lost interest. How I LOVE copy/paste!

Tuesday, June 8

Well, today was the first day of Combat Airman Skills Training. Mainly it was a day of equipment issue and a two-hour lecture on how to survive, evade, resist and escape if needed. Breakfast was just okay – I got distracted from the omelet bar when I saw a heaping tray of fresh scrambled eggs make its way to the serving line. Those “eggs” will have to take a back seat to veggie and cheese omelets for the rest of my stay. I’ve been here twice before once for a course called Phoenix Readiness back in 2003 and for Advanced Combat Skills Training in 2006. I should have known about the eggs. On a surprising note the red delicious apples were nice and crisp – not mealy. I’ve actually stopped buying that variety at the grocery store. I did some light grocery shopping Saturday and it was so depressing not to be able to buy food for meals that I’d normally be planning for the week. JG took the moment of not rain to try out the weed whacker. We bought an electric one to save on the moving hassle of having to drain the liquid, etc. For the same reason we bought a manual mower.

Saturday, June 12

Thus far I’ve made two trips to the base exchange. The first trip I picked up cards – one for JG, Edward and Zachary. Also bought a lock for the wall locker I’m using. I swore I packed it, but could not find it in my bag. Until five minutes ago. Of course. The second trip I bought a notebook and a stationary set. And toothpaste. I was getting by on SpongeBob Square pants bubble gum flavored toothpaste. Ick. So today was a training day, even though it was a Saturday. Tomorrow is our day off, but I’m pulling a shift to watch weapons. I’m also getting my nails done. I’m shocked I’ve not ripped them apart, so I’ll get them done short to last me another month. I called JG a few minutes ago, but forgot he was running a game today. One of the photographers I’m deploying with is in my flight. It’s nice to meet someone I’m going to be working with for the next six months before actually getting in country. I lost JG’s lcd flashlight my first night here. With the extra time tomorrow I’ll put more effort into looking for it and maybe even find it. Yippe.


  1. You're in the mud and dirt playing G.I. Joe. You're going to get your nails broken and busted up. Yet you're still getting them done. You're such a girl.

  2. Just finished the final exercise - not a broken, chipped or cracked nail to report!

  3. Did anyone get sent home from CAST because their current PT score was not passing? It says "Requires Passing PT Score to attend" in the reporting instructions, but I can't imagine them "not deploying" just over something like that.